Who Can Replace Commercial Artificial Turf

Artificial turf has been a staple in sports arenas for decades. The benefits of artificial turf for sports are obvious. The ground is level, requires much less maintenance, and is essentially the same, rain or shine. Those benefits have made commercial applications for artificial turf much more widely known.

More and more often, small businesses with busy shop entrances and outdoor seating areas are opting for the green-year-round and water-saving convenience of artificial turf. Today, in fact, playground areas are more commonly artificial turf than they are grass. Not only is it safer for children because it’s softer than bare dirt or concrete, but it allows children to access the playground all year (especially helpful here in the rainy Pacific Northwest).

Dog parks, office parks, rooftop terraces, and schools are all choosing the greener, safer option and moving to artificial turf. With all of these commercial applications, more small business owners, building managers, and local park volunteers will need advice on installing, maintaining, and eventually replacing artificial turf. Take it from us—the best option for installing or replacing artificial turf is hiring professional turf replacement contractors like Sportech. Here’s why:

Quick Turn-Around

While it’s true that artificial turf requires much less maintenance than grass, even the highest quality turf can, after heavy use, start to show signs of wear. Heavily used artificial grass will require replacement after time. When this happens, don’t make the mistake of attempting the repair or replacement yourself. At Sportech, we’re professionals. We know exactly what can go wrong when even the most knowledgeable of handy people attempt to DIY their turf repairs or replacements.

Your first concern should be the time that it will take to repair or replace the turf on your own. Commercial areas are in near-constant use. If you’ve ever attempted a renovation project, you know that it always takes a bit longer than you’ve planned. With something as unique as artificial turf, you can expect that excess time to double. Unlike home renovations, lengthy and unsightly maintenance outside of a business can deter customers and leave a bad impression. Hiring a professional saves time. You can replace your artificial turf in just a few days and have the comfort of knowing that it was done right.

Cost Savings

The number one reason people attempt DIY renovations is to save money. What you may not realize is that, when it comes to artificial turf, incorrect installation can cost you a lot more money than hiring a contractor. Unless you have experience installing artificial turf, there will almost surely be some trial and error as you begin your project. That will translate into lost material and increased overall cost.

Even if your installation goes smoothly, it’s easy to overlook technical mistakes, such as a faulty drainage system. Having those mistakes corrected later is much costlier than simply having your turf replaced professionally (and correctly) the first time. Even better? A customer service representative from a reliable turf replacement contractor can help you plan ahead and budget for future repairs and replacements.


If you’re used to doing your own lawn maintenance, hiring a contractor for your artificial turf may not be your go-to. However, a lot of planning, experience, and knowledge goes into installing artificial turf. It has to fit the area perfectly, it needs to have proper drainage, and it needs to fit closely to the ground to avoid lumps and bumps. Those flaws could easily injure someone on your property.

An artificial lawn has a subbase, a mixture of sand and gravel that supports the entire lawn. It needs to be level to make sure the backing material for your turf adheres snugly. The backing allows drainage, but some areas may need more drainage than others. Those areas need to be constructed from a different, more porous material. Surrounding vegetation, the slope, and the lay of the land, as well as the amount and type of use you expect the area to get, are all part of the artificial turf design. Completing each element of an artificial lawn, regardless of size, requires know-how and skills that can only come from a team of professionals.

Professionals like our team at Sportech know from experience and training exactly how to install each part of artificial turf correctly. The rain in the Pacific Northwest makes this proficiency priceless. Without an expertly-installed drainage system, water can pool on your turf, causing premature damage.

A dog park or a playground will require antimicrobial turf and odor-absorbing drainage to handle frequent pet urination. There are a lot of things to consider so hiring a skilled contractor is crucial.

Specialized Tools

Since artificial turf installation is such a specialized process, it should come as no surprise that it uses specialized tools. DIY turf replacement may or may not save you money on labor costs. It will definitely not help you save the time or money that you’d need to invest in locating, renting, or buying the specialized tools needed to do the job.

Professional turf replacement contractors will arrive with everything they need to make your commercial area look brand new. Not only that, but they’ll know how to use the tools safely. Incorrect use of a specialized landscaping tool can cause both injury and damage to your property. Eliminate that risk by hiring professionals with the materials, tools, and know-how to do things right. Then you can just sit back and relax.

If you’re looking to replace your artificial turf, you’ve already made a great decision. Artificial grass is becoming very common. The need for water conservation along with extreme weather makes real grass nearly impossible to maintain—especially in a commercial setting. Make sure to treat your investment well by hiring professional turf replacement contractors to make any repairs or replacements to your turf.

At Sportech, we have years of experience and are happy to share that with you regardless of the size of your project. You can contact us at any time with questions or to get a quote for your artificial turf replacement. We even offer easy financing, so you can get your artificial turf project underway in no time.