5 Reasons to Choose Artificial Turf for your Salem Oregon Yard

Have you ever dreamed of a yard that stays perfectly green, clean, and trimmed all year round? What about a beautifully manicured lawn that doesn’t turn yellow during dry summers like the ones here in Salem, Oregon? Have you ever thought how great it would be if your grass didn’t get soggy and full of puddles even in wet, Oregon winters?

If you have had thoughts like these, you may have looked into artificial turf.

Did you know that artificial turf is the perfect, durable solution to all of your lawn maintenance concerns? Or that modern synthetic grass has the exact look and feel of real grass? Did you know artificial turf is tough, resistant, and elegant all in one?

At Sportech, we fit only the best artificial turf for your yard, in the perfect shade of green. When we’re done, your yard will look just as lush as the best parks and green spaces. Here are five reasons to choose artificial turf for your Salem, Oregon, yard.

1. Elegant Lawns Year-Round

Artificial turf makes perfect grass your yard’s default setting. Whatever the season and whatever the weather, your lawn will always look as good as new. And indeed, artificial turf is so durable that it stays new for years. Sunlight, heat, dry spells, rain, frost, or snow, your Oregon yard won’t flinch through any of it. It will stay green and lush, whether you want to sunbathe, play ball with the kids, run around with the dog, or invite family or friends over for a relaxed barbecue.

The best part? Artificial turf looks just like real grass. Your garden will be elegant and well-tended for all to see, as smooth and even as the immaculate lawns on a golf course. It looks natural and soft and even rustles when there’s a breeze. Your Oregon yard will always look its best—and you won’t need to lift a finger to keep it that way.

2. Save Costs

With artificial turf, you’ll save on all the costs associated with keeping your grass in tip-top shape. You won’t need herbicides to keep weeds or self-seeded intruders at bay. You won’t need pesticides to keep unwanted insects out either. Since you won’t need to mow your lawn, you’ll have no need for a mower, so you won’t spend on gas or on fuel for a string trimmer. If you’re a busy professional, you’ll still have a great yard without hiring outside help to come and give it a regular trim and clean up.

Once installed, your artificial turf lawn takes care of itself. It doesn’t need pampering or cosmetic care, so it’s just about the most cost-effective option for your yard there is.

3. Save Water, Time, and the Environment

Since your artificial turf yard doesn’t need watering, you can save money on your water bill. And you’ll be doing Mother Nature a good turn by cutting down on water consumption. You’ll also save so much time. No more long hours spent mowing and trimming. You can free up your weekends for activities with the family, leisure time, visiting with friends, and more. You’ll have the time to actually enjoy your yard.

Since you don’t need any chemical agents to keep your artificial turf in good condition, that’s also preventing pollutants from being released into the atmosphere, soil, and groundwater. All in all, you’ll have a very eco-friendly yard.

4. Family and Pet-Friendly

With artificial turf, there will be no more tripping over roots, slipping and falling in the mud, bumping knees or elbows against rocks or stones hidden in the grass, or inadvertently stepping in puddles. It’s the perfect surface for kids to play outdoors and roll around on the ground to their heart’s content.

You’ll love it for your pets too. No more tracking in mud or loose grass. And, of course, both little children and animals are safe from putting grass in their mouths or getting traces of herbicide on their skin.

Also, artificial turf is resilient. Games on the lawn won’t make it patchy or bald. Your dog won’t be able to dig holes in it and won’t wear a path where it likes to run. Even when your pet goes to the bathroom, it’s easy to clean up.

You’ll have the perfect safe and clean environment for pets to get the zoomies, for kids to play outdoors and release pent-up energy, and for social gatherings.

5. Artificial Turf Is a Great Fit for Salem Weather and the Oregon Climate

Artificial turf is a great option for coastal areas because it does well in the damp, wet conditions prevalent for much of the year. It also won’t be damaged by the salty air from the ocean. On the flip side, if your winters are cold and snowy, your turf lawn will stand up to that weather as well.

Turf drains better than natural grass, it doesn’t get waterlogged, and it dries quickly. Also, it’s drought-tolerant and can handle the lack of rainfall in the summer months. It won’t require constant watering, it won’t turn dry and brown, and it won’t get patchy. Artificial turf always looks lush and green, whatever the mood or color of the sky.

If the garden you’re creating around a newly-built property needs landscaping, or if you want to give your yard a makeover with a durable, hard-wearing material, our experts at Sportech know just how to handle your project.

Maybe you’d like a practice green behind your house, the perfect lawn around your pool, or a new patio and barbecue area We can make them all a reality and put our experience, professionalism, and expertise at your service.

If you’re in the Salem, Oregon, area, and you choose artificial turf for your yard, it will give you years of hassle-free service and enhance your outdoor space. At Sportech, we will provide you with a free estimate to get you started, so get in touch for more information.