What Are the Residential Applications for Artificial Grass?

Artificial turf has moved beyond professional football stadiums and into residential yards and neighborhoods. Due to its low maintenance requirements and year-round vibrancy, it’s become widely loved by the average homeowner. Plenty of people come to Sportech interested in synthetic lawns, but they don’t know all the possible artificial grass applications available to them. If you’re thinking about replacing your more conventional yard with something new, here are just a few of the things you can do with artificial grass.

Easy Lawns and Landscaping

For many people, the appeal of artificial grass is the ease of care. Maintaining a real grass lawn can become a full-time job, requiring you to mow, fertilize, and water it to keep it looking great. Even then, putting in all that extra effort might not pay off. You’ll still deal with weeds, worn areas, brown patches, and weather damage.
When you have artificial grass, you can put those worries in the rearview mirror. No more trimming it to keep things looking orderly. No more hot days spent in the sun weeding the grass. No more summers where your lawn becomes a dull brown. No more chemical solutions to keeping unwelcome plants and pests at bay. Mother nature can do her worst, but you’ll still have a gorgeous green lawn to call your own.

Durable Dog Runs

What Are the Residential Applications for Artificial Grass?If you have any pets, they probably spend a lot of time out in your backyard. Our furry friends need a place to do their business, and they need a place to play. After all, when the time comes to run around and around and around—as it so often does—there’s no better place than a yard. All that activity and bathroom business can wreak havoc on a traditional lawn, which is why one of the most popular artificial grass applications is dog runs.
Synthetic lawns can stand up to a beating from excited paws, and when nature calls, it won’t turn discolored as living grass might. Even better, you won’t have to worry about anyone tracking in muddy pawprints after a rainy day, and artificial grass is much less habitable for fleas and other nasty critters that might want to hitch a ride on your pet. Just remember to rinse it down every once and a while, and your pets will be happy to have a place they can be the wild beasts they are.

Safe Children’s Play Places

Just like your pets, kids need a place to run and play. Luckily, synthetic turf can meet their needs just as easily. There are plenty of artificial grass applications to give your kids the space they need, all while keeping them safe and sound. Synthetic turf is even and consistent, meaning no rough patches or unseen holes for kids to trip and fall over. If you have a play structure or are thinking of getting one, you can install padding underneath artificial grass to give a little extra cushion to anyone who might slip and fall from the monkey bars.
Importantly, since you don’t need to use any fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides to keep your lawn looking beautiful, you won’t need to worry about exposing your kids to harsh chemicals. With synthetic turf, you can feel as carefree as your little ones.

Patios and Entertaining Spaces

A great thing about having a yard is having the space for friends and family to come over and relax. Whether you’re just having a few people over for some wine and snacks in the evening or you’re throwing a huge barbeque for everyone in the neighborhood, a gorgeous patio can be the perfect place to get a crowd together. If you want to have everyone over again, though, you’ll need everything to look amazing.
One of the often overlooked artificial grass applications is to create the perfect outdoor social space. The vibrant green turf brings a touch of color and texture to your get-together, all without the hassle of watering or weeding. If you’re a big entertainer, you probably know what regular foot traffic does to conventional grass. With minimal effort, you’ll always have a gorgeous entertaining area ready to go.

Heavily Traffic Walkways

Similar to a patio, if you have any regularly used walkways in your front or backyard, you’ve probably seen what that foot traffic can do to it. Using artificial grass, particularly if you use it in conjunction with paving stones, can keep the path looking appealing no matter how many people walk over it.

Personal Sports Fields

If you have any athletes using your yard frequently, artificial grass can provide an excellent playing field for them. It gives you a level surface to run across and doesn’t get muddy after it rains, and you’ll never need to worry about divots or holes from someone going a bit too aggressively for the ball. If you’re more interested in a laid-back, relaxed backyard game like bocce ball or croquet, artificial grass keeps your aim true without any irregularities to throw things off. There’s a reason synthetic turf is becoming the standard in professional arenas around the world, so why not incorporate it into your own outdoor activities?

Backyard Putting Greens

Do you have golf fans in your household? Do you ever hit the links yourself? If so, why not put a piece of the king’s game in your own backyard? Artificial turf is used by plenty of golf courses, both mini and regular, so why not make your own green at home? Whether you want to practice your short game in the comfort of your own yard or you want to have some friends over to have your own putt-off, a backyard putting green can be the perfect addition to your property. With just a little artificial grass, that bliss is just a few feet out your back door.
Of course, these are just a few of the artificial grass applications that are out there. If you have another project in mind or you want to see what else it can bring to your property, contact Sportech. Whatever change you’re after, we know you’ll be happy with the results.