How Much Punishment Can a Synthetic Lawn Take?

More and more homeowners are getting synthetic lawns in Portland, Oregon. After all, the benefits are becoming widely known. No more having to worry about watering it through the summer, no more hours spent pushing a mower just to keep the yard looking presentable, and no more pesticides or herbicides needed to keep unwanted plants or critters out of your outdoor space.

In addition to all of that, one of the biggest benefits of a synthetic lawn is its durability. With a surface as well-traveled as a lawn, you need something that can take a beating. Even after suffering the harshest of punishments, synthetic grass can still come out looking as fresh as ever.

Pets Can Do Their Worst

We love our furry friends. They give us love and companionship and never ask for anything in return. Still, a pet can wreak havoc on your yard. Whether they’re doing their business, digging holes, or running in the same circle over and over again, even the most well-behaved animals can destroy a well-maintained lawn.

Luckily, the artificial option can handle it. The much more durable material can take repeated abuse from pets where the traditional option would be torn to shreds, giving your pets the freedom to run as wild as they’d like. When it comes time to let them out to answer nature’s call, they can go ahead and go just like any ordinary lawn. All you need to do is pick up any solids and make sure to regularly rinse the area with water to keep things fresh.

On top of all that, synthetic lawns in Portland, Oregon, are a much less hospitable place for fleas and ticks, helping keep your pets safe from any unwelcome guests. If you need a yard that can stand up to your pack, the synthetic option may be the right choice for you.

Kids Can Play Without Fear

Much like animals, children can be a force of nature. Yelling at kids to get off the lawn may be an old cliche, but there’s a reason we’re all familiar with it. High foot traffic will quickly wear out parts of a natural lawn, leaving you with unsightly brown patches. That is, of course, unless you have an artificial yard. Plenty of parents have seen the benefits of synthetic turf in Portland, Oregon.

Running, spinning, rolling, ducking, and diving can all dig up grass, but a synthetic lawn can take much more of a beating. It’s the reason why you see so many professional sports teams making the switch from grass to artificial turf. If it can handle a thrashing from a linebacker, it can handle anything your kids will throw at it. Plus, because it is synthetic, you won’t have to deal with any grass allergies ruining the fun. No parent wants to tell their kid to stop playing outside, and with a synthetic lawn, you won’t have to.

Weather Wear Is a Thing of the Past

The Pacific Northwest isn’t the harshest climate in the US, but we still see our fair share of extreme weather. Even if many of our days are mild and we get plenty of rainfall, who hasn’t seen their vibrant green yard become a brown wasteland after a week or two of a summer heatwave? Or on the flip side, what snowstorm hasn’t smothered your lawn to death, leaving you with a muddy tundra?

That’s why so many people are switching to a synthetic lawn in Portland, Oregon. Since it doesn’t need regular sunlight to stay green, it can make it through the dead of winter without withering away. Likewise, the snow can’t freeze the synthetic lawn to death. The sun can beat down on it as long as it wants, but a synthetic lawn won’t shrink away from the UV rays. Synthetic lawns also provide better drainage than grass, keeping it from becoming a muddy mess on those long stretches of rainy days. For those looking for a yard that can survive the elements, synthetic is the way to go.

No Need to Worry About Fading or Staining

Since a synthetic lawn is artificial, some people worry that the material will become faded or stained over the course of time. We’re happy to say that you have nothing to worry about. As we’ve already said, artificial lawns are incredibly resistant to the sun. They can withstand direct sunlight for years without losing any of their color. This is because of the UV stabilizers that are incorporated into the material lawns are made from. Since they are included directly into the blades of turf, as opposed to being used to coat them after they’re made, they can protect the lawn without danger of being washed off.

Similarly, the composition of the turf also helps it resist stains. Instead of becoming discolored, the blades’ composition prevents them from absorbing anything dropped or spilled on them. Any remaining mess can be wiped or rinsed away, leaving your lawn as fresh as ever.

It Can Stand the Test of Time

Sometimes it isn’t the sudden damage you need to worry about for your lawn, but the steady wear and tear that ruins it over time. Over the course of the years, there’s a lot you need to do to keep grass thriving. You need to water it, mow it, weed it, keep an eye out for any burrowing animals eager to make their homes in it, and so much more just to keep it looking neat. But if you have a synthetic lawn in Portland, Oregon, you’ll be set for some time.

Due to their high durability and resilience, synthetic lawns can last 10 or 15 years before needing to be replaced. If you remember to provide regular maintenance, it can last even longer.

For those homeowners looking for a long-term, dependable lawn option, synthetic turf is second to none. So if you’re ready to make the switch, or if you’re interested in hearing more, let the team at Sportech know. We’re happy to walk you through your options and help you find the best lawn for you.