Is Synthetic Turf a Good Option for Vancouver Yards?

Maintaining a perfect lawn can be a challenge. It adds a variety of responsibilities and burdens to homeowners with varying results. If your natural grass grows too quickly, you could be mowing it multiple times a month. And if pests decide to call your lawn home, it can be made unusable for you and your family. Many homeowners hope to reclaim the time, money, and energy spent keeping up with that responsibility while maintaining its beautiful appearance. That’s why so many people in Vancouver are choosing to incorporate synthetic turf into their property.

There are endless benefits that come with having synthetic turf for your Vancouver yard. You’ll have a gorgeous lawn year-round, and adding it to your property is easier than ever. Local professionals at Sportech can install it for you, with high-grade materials that will withstand any weather that Vancouver throws its way. After a few months with a synthetic turf lawn, you’ll question why you didn’t make the change sooner.

Here are a few reasons why synthetic turf is a good option for your Vancouver yard.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest appeals of synthetic turf for your Vancouver yard is that it is an environmentally friendly option. Finding ways to maintain your lawn in a way that doesn’t negatively affect the environment can be a challenge, especially when you’re trying to keep it looking as perfect as possible. In order to achieve your desired look with natural grass, you’ll often have to include the frequent use of harmful chemicals. Weedkillers contain chemicals that are known to be harmful to the health of the environment, animals, and humans alike, while pesticides produce similar results. Luckily, there is a way to maintain the appealing appearance of your lawn without the use of chemicals.

Synthetic turf doesn’t require anything to keep pests and weeds away. Because of the materials synthetic turf is made from, it naturally deters weed growth on its surface. Likewise, its synthetic nature also won’t attract pests and unwanted bug infestations. Bugs and pests might visit your lawn after being drawn in by its lively appearance, but they won’t make it home as with a natural lawn. That’s because a synthetic lawn doesn’t have the nutrients that those pests need to survive. They’ll quickly move on to a natural lawn nearby, and you can continue to enjoy your synthetic lawn without their pesky presence.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn is one of the larger responsibilities that come with homeownership. Depending on the season, a natural lawn can require weekly or even daily care to maintain its health and appearance. With a synthetic lawn, you can avoid a large majority of these responsibilities and greatly increase your free time.

One of the tasks you’ll be free from with a synthetic lawn is mowing. Whether you pay for a mowing service or do the handiwork yourself, lawn mowing is an essential aspect of maintaining a natural lawn. Synthetic lawns require no mowing whatsoever. Throughout the year, synthetic lawns will maintain the same length as the day they were installed. You’ll also save significantly by not having to pay to maintain the health of your lawn. That means no pesticides, upkeep, or weed killers. Being made from synthetic materials will allow it to maintain a healthy appearance no matter the weather.

Effective Drainage

Though you won’t have to water your synthetic lawn the same way you would a natural lawn, water will still be introduced to its surface naturally. The weather in Vancouver includes plenty of rainy days, which is why your synthetic lawn is equipped with a professional and effective way to handle it. One of the many benefits of having contractors such as Sportech install your synthetic turf is that professional installation will include a drainage system.

As rainwater hits the surface, it will be directed away from the turf and avoid any puddling as you might experience with a natural lawn. This can come in handy during the rainy season when it can seem like every part of your lawn contains a puddle or two. Oversaturated lawns can be muddy and unusable for days or weeks at a time. Your synthetic lawn, however, will be able to manage the water it accumulates easily and give you more opportunities to use it.

Low Water Usage

Speaking of water, watering your natural lawn is one of the biggest expenses that it can incur, especially in the summer months. Despite the high costs of watering your lawn, it’s essential for maintaining the health of your grass, and even when you’re willing to shell out the costs of watering your lawn, it doesn’t mean you’ll always be able to. Drought conditions in the area aren’t uncommon, and watering your natural lawn may not always be an option available to you. To preserve water in your area, watering might be banned, and dry, discolored lawns will be a common sight in your neighborhood.

Those laws simply don’t apply to synthetic turf lawns. They conveniently don’t require frequent watering to maintain their appearance, and they will remain lush in color while natural lawns are dying out. This can save you money as well as stress if you live in a region that frequently experiences drought conditions.

Amazing Appearance

Vancouver is a place that boasts beautiful homes and yards, and with synthetic turf, you can ensure that yours is considered one of them. A beautiful yard is the first thing people see upon visiting your home. It sets the tone of the space you’re about to enter. Keeping it looking great all year long will only enhance the experience and add to the contentment you have with your property.

Synthetic turf in your Vancouver yard will also add to the beauty of the city. Bright green grass-like turf will surround your home and maintain its appearance. That means you can have a perfectly manicured green lawn all year.