5 Reasons to Hire Professionals for Artificial Lawn Installation

Choosing to have an artificial lawn installed on your property can be an exciting time. You’ll feel relief knowing that you soon won’t have to worry about weekly lawn maintenance while still maintaining a flawless-looking yard. There are endless things you’ll be able to do with all that extra time on your hands. Now you just have to figure out how you’ll get the job done.

There are some services you just shouldn’t skimp on, and having an artificial lawn installed is one of them. An artificial lawn has the potential to save you a lot of time and money when it’s installed correctly with the right materials. When it’s not, you could end up with major lawn issues or have to have the job redone. The pitfalls of installing your artificial lawn incorrectly can potentially damage your land as well as things surrounding it, like homes and sidewalks. Professionals like Sportech have years of expertise and experience to put into giving you a great product both quickly and efficiently.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire professionals for your artificial lawn installation.

1. Saves Time

If you’ve ever done any projects by yourself, you’ll know that they often take a lot of time. Time is one of the many things you give up when you choose to install artificial turf on your own. First, you’ll have to learn all about the job you’re trying to do. You’ll then have to learn to use the necessary tools, buy the materials needed for the job, and then take the time to actually get it done. You’ll often spend hours just preparing to begin your project. When you hire professionals, you just sit back and relax while the work is done well and for you.

The convenience of having professionals perform your artificial lawn installation cannot be matched. Aside from the assurance that they’re performing the job correctly, you’ll also feel satisfied knowing you’re saving yourself time. Taking on the project yourself could end up taking you months to complete—think evenings and weekends—leaving your lawn looking disheveled in the process. A team of professionals like Sportech can have your artificial lawn installed in a matter of days, giving you more time to enjoy the finished product.

2. Saves Money

When you have your artificial lawn installed correctly by professionals, you could end up saving money in the long run. Though installation costs can be intimidating, they’re well worth having the job done right the first time. Artificial lawn installation is a precise job that requires expertise and experience to do well (more on this in a minute). Amateur or DIY installation will almost certainly involve some trial and error, and this translates to higher costs for you.

For example, mistakes caught during the installation process could mean going back several steps or re-purchasing damaged materials. Worse, however, are mistakes you don’t discover until the job is complete. Constantly making repairs or hiring a professional after the fact to correct problems, such as issues with the drainage system, will mean putting more money toward your artificial lawn: likely as much as you “saved” with DIY and probably more.

3. Expertise & Experience


Installing an artificial lawn isn’t as easy as people might think. A lot of planning and expertise goes into installing a lawn that fits snuggly to the ground, has good water drainage, and maintains its appearance for years. Completing this job correctly takes years of training, experience, and expertise, which is why so many people choose to go with a professional like Sportech to get the job done.

Aside from expertise, choosing a professional to perform your artificial lawn installation can give you peace of mind. You wouldn’t want someone installing your turf who has never done it before. Professionals have worked on dozens of lawns in the past, giving them the knowledge and know-how to navigate your specific artificial lawn installation.

4. They Have the Necessary Tools

Performing a job like this takes more than just know-how. It also requires a variety of specific tools and materials. Choosing to do artificial lawn installation on your own will make you responsible for finding all of those materials, purchasing or renting them, and knowing how to use them safely. It’s important to consider these costs beforehand and whether you’re able to access the things you need.

When you choose to have a professional install your artificial lawn, they’ll already have the necessary tools. They will also have access to the materials they need. To accompany access to these things, a professional will have staff members who are fully trained to do work that can potentially be dangerous to perform. Though installing artificial turf may not seem like it has many negative consequences, doing it incorrectly can come with some potential downfalls. Injury to self is one common occurrence to unprofessional installation, as well as damage to property.

5. You’ll Have Perfect Lawn

Having a perfect lawn is something many people spend hours each week trying to achieve. Despite all those hours of work, lawns are often made imperfect due to weather conditions or accidental neglect. This means that even with hours of backbreaking work, most lawns only flourish for a few months each year. When you hire a professional for artificial lawn installation, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of a perfect-looking lawn all year long.

Appearance isn’t the only benefit of an artificial lawn. There are some potential health and environmental benefits as well, one being the avoidance of harsh chemicals found in pesticides and fertilizers. Depending on how you use your lawn, you could be inhaling the chemicals used to keep your lawn looking good. This can cause potential health issues, such as irritation of skin and eyes or negative effects on the nervous system. And those pesticides can have a harmful effect on the environment, despite keeping pesky bugs at bay.

With the help of a company like Sportech, your artificial lawn can be installed in a matter of days. You’ll feel comforted knowing that it’s done correctly, that you’ve saved yourself time, and that you will have saved yourself money in the long run.