What’s Included in the Cost of Installing Astroturf in Your Portland Oregon Yard?

Now that summer is past, the seasons are changing, and so will our daily, weekly, and monthly yard upkeep routines. In general, people spend about 30 hours each month tending to their lawns, removing weeds, spraying, watering, fertilizing bare patches, and willing the grass to recover. The workload and outside to-do list seem to never end.

If you’re looking for a way to have more time, relaxation, and ease in your life, perhaps it’s time to consider calling Sportech to install astroturf in your Portland, Oregon, yard. Astroturf is easy to care for and provides really nice curb appeal. If you’re in the process of remodeling your home for yourself or to put up for sale, now is the time to look into the costs and benefits of astroturf.

Sometimes when the discussion of the cost comes up, people shut down a bit and become apprehensive or concerned. Sometimes, it’s better to look at the benefits of something as opposed to the costs, as monetary capital isn’t the only thing that counts as a cost. What about the time it costs to mow the yard, trim the hedges, edge the pathways, and maintain a fertile, green, and healthy lawn? What about the costs of the equipment needed to do so? Or hiring a yard care service? Or if you opt to do it yourself, the physical cost of the manual labor?

There are numerous costs involved with owning a home, and people in Portland, Oregon, have the blessing of relatively consistent rainwater, but watering a lawn is only part of the cost of keeping up a yard. There’s also the cost of fertilizer, mulch, stones for the walkway/path, and the hours and hours each week needed to keep it looking presentable.

What Is Astroturf?

Astroturf is made from plastics that are constructed to mimic natural grass. It has the power to add a consistent, green brightness to a home’s landscaping, cut down on costs for yard maintenance, and provide more usable space for homeowners and their families. Many homes in Portland, Oregon, have been turning to astroturf as a solution to decrease their work output and reaping the benefits of a continually pleasing aesthetic for their outdoor space.

There are a few primary benefits to astroturf, and they include:

1. Low Maintenance

Once the installation is complete, there is very little to do with the new yard’s look. Maintenance is minimal, with perhaps some traditional raking in the fall (which can easily be accomplished with a leaf blower) or the occasional rinse of the artificial lawn to remove dust, weather-blown remnants, or birds’ donations.

There will be no more watering, mowing, edging, weed removal, or anything that generally comes with a natural grass yard.

2. No Need to Water

There is no need to water astroturf, sometimes also called artificial grass, but there will be the occasional time when it will need a spot cleaning, due to weather, birds, or the wear that shows over time. There is no need to install sprinklers like one normally would for a natural grass yard. An occasional rinse off of the astroturf keeps it looking fresh, clean, and healthy.

3. Healthier Surroundings for People and Pets

With astroturf, there is no need to buy or use pesticides or fertilizers. These are traditionally used to keep the lawn looking nice and keep the pests at bay. Although they are time-tested for effectiveness, they alter the health of the environment around your home and neighborhood. One thing that thrives in environments with too much chemical residue is algae. It can grow in multitudinous conditions and can harm the local wildlife and potentially end up in local drinking waters. With astroturf, there won’t be bugs or other pests, so no need for pesticides or fertilizers. Artificial grass is therefore a healthier, safer living environment.

4. Astroturf Lasts a Long Time

Although there are always variables and unexpected happenings, astroturf is designed to look great in the long run. The material can withstand changes in weather, and it’s intended to be used and run across. It will additionally withstand the sun’s rays without fading to a lighter color. The plastic material is fashioned to withstand various elements and bounce back from others. It is sturdier than natural grass and looks incredibly similar. The look will remain like new for a long time.

5. Saves Money

Over the course of time, people can see things more clearly. What’s clear about astroturf as your Portland, Oregon, yard is that you’re going to save lots of money and time. By not having to mow, water, or even hire someone to come take care of your yard, the savings over time will cover the cost of astroturf installation many times over.

What Is Included in the Cost of Installation?

When you opt to install artificial grass in place of natural grass, our professional team will come to you, build up all the foundational components under the astroturf, measure, cut, lay, and secure the seams of the turf, and make sure that you are satisfied with the way the new landscaping looks. We clean up after the installation and make sure that all your questions are answered. We offer a quality guarantee of our work, and should anything need a second glance, we will remedy any post-installation issues as quickly as we can.

The dedicated and experienced professionals at Sportech are available to do a consultation for your yard, whether it is the front, back, or both. Our experts have helped numerous residential and business properties attain a fresh, crisp, always-summer look for their yards, and our satisfied customers are happy to vouch for both the quality of our work and the skilled craftsmen that lay the turf. We want to leave you feeling excited about the new landscaping look of your home or business.