Synthetic Grass Is the Ultimate Low-Maintenance Landscaping Option

Beautiful landscaping, whether residential or commercial, creates a welcoming environment to appreciate and enjoy. Not only does it enhance the overall look of your property, but it also creates a dedicated outdoor space for recreation, relaxation, and social gatherings. Well-landscaped property welcomes a quiet moment for you to relax outside, for children or pets to play, for friends to gather for outdoor barbecues, or for guests at a business to visit and stay a little longer. It also enhances curb appeal, which increases property value.

However, a well-landscaped yard also requires a lot of work to maintain this appeal. Frequent weeding, watering, fertilizing, and guarding against extreme weather or pests are chores that take time and consistency. Weekends or evenings are regularly spent maintaining a yard.

Fortunately, there are landscaping options that reduce the time it takes to care for your lawn without compromising the appeal. Synthetic grass fills that gap between saving time and creating curb appeal. If you live in the Oregon area and are considering various options for landscape design, synthetic grass is the ideal low-maintenance landscaping in Portland, Oregon. Below are just some of the ways synthetic grass cuts down on maintenance.

No Mowing or Weeding

Lawns with large amounts of grass require regular mowing. If life gets busy, as it’s prone to do, a neglected yard runs overgrown with weeds and tall grass. Weeds suppress the growth of plants sharing the same soil, as they absorb necessary nutrients. Mowing will decrease these weeds as well as improve the overall health of your grass. Aside from weeds, an un-mowed lawn will result in thinner, patchier grass because the tips of the grass contain a hormone that suppresses horizontal growth. When you mow, it cuts the tip of grass containing the hormone and allows your plant to grow thicker and spread out.

Mowing also requires more skill than one may initially realize—mowing too low, too often, too hastily, over wet grass, or in the same pattern repeatedly can damage your lawn and negatively affect growth. That’s a lot to think about.

Lawn maintenance takes a lot of time, usually on the weekends. If you’re tired of sacrificing your weekends to a high-maintenance lawn, synthetic grass is an easy solution. Artificial grass is landscaped to look its best year-round, without mowing, weeding, or trimming. Built over a weed barrier, synthetic grass suppresses weeds so you don’t have to spend hours picking them and mowing. This will not only save you time in reduced labor but will also save money in the long run. No expensive equipment is needed, and there is no added cost of maintaining lawn mowers or budgeting in weed suppressants.

No Water Waste

Synthetic grass does not need to be watered. This ultimately cuts down on water usage while saving money and reducing environmental impact through water conservation. Natural grass requires regular intervals of water throughout the week, using thousands of gallons of water each day. On average, a lawn is watered three times a week. This calculates to just over 12,000 gallons of water each month. This number often grows during the summer months.

Synthetic grass uses vastly less water. This low-maintenance option only needs the surface hosed off occasionally to remove any pollutants or pollen that have settled on the surface. A periodic quick spray is enough to get the job done. If a spill or pet waste has stained the blades, you only need to spot-clean as it happens. Tougher stains are handled with mineral spirits. Caring for your lawn is not unlike caring for your carpet. A little care goes a long way in preserving your yard for many years to come.

No Harsh Chemicals or Special Fertilizers

Natural lawns require pesticides and fertilizer to maintain their health and keep the grass looking good. Additional costs for yearly lawn fertilizer and pesticides, extra time on lawn care, and exposure to harsh chemicals can mitigate the appeal of real grass. Artificial turf doesn’t require any of these products, saving time and money. If you are concerned about the impact of pesticides on both your health and the environment, you may want to consider making the switch to synthetic grass.

No Weatherproofing

Depending on where you live, certain climates can damage your lawn. The extremes of both hot and cold climates can weaken or even kill natural turf. Year-round dry heat creates brown patches and balding, while wetter environments with seasons of rain and moisture can create a soggy lawn due to poor drainage. Synthetic grass is weather-resistant and has superior drainage built in.

No-Hassle Maintenance

Maintaining a synthetic grass lawn is easy. Artificial turf is low-maintenance landscaping and only requires occasional care, not the daily hassle of natural grass. Aside from occasionally rinsing your turf and spot-cleaning stains, brushing high traffic areas will preserve its longevity. Using a brush with synthetic bristles, brush against the direction of the blades. Over time, synthetic grass can become compressed and look flat. A simple brushing will perk your lawn back up and make these “wilted” blades stand upright again.

Periodically rinsing and brushing your lawn will keep it looking brand new for many years to come, without having to sacrifice your weekends. Reclaim your time and enjoy a yard that looks like you spent hours caring for it, without any of the hassle.

If you’re ready for low-maintenance landscaping in Portland, Oregon, contact the experts at Sportech. Our years of experience with projects large and small, residential and commercial, ensure we can provide a beautiful, easy-to-care-for landscape fitted to your needs. Synthetic turf is great for backyards, front yards, paths, play areas, and outdoor entertainment spaces. Contact us today to learn more and experience an easier way to landscape.

If you’re tired of spending thousands of dollars and hours on yard maintenance each year, synthetic grass may be the solution you need. Break the cycle of never-ending mowing, watering, fertilizing, weeding, and repairing damage from weather and high traffic. Synthetic grass is the simple solution to increase curb appeal and give you time to enjoy it.