How Does a Synthetic Lawn Compare to a Real Lawn?

Having the perfect lawn is a goal for many property owners. A healthy lawn can enhance the appearance of your property significantly, making it a more enjoyable and relaxing space. But maintaining a real lawn can come with a lot of responsibilities in order to keep it looking the way you’d like. For this reason, many people consider making the switch from a real lawn to having a synthetic lawn installed by professionals like Sportech.

Depending on how you use your lawn and the amount of work you like to put into it, deciding to install synthetic grass might be as simple as figuring out which is more beneficial to you than the other. One requires a lot of maintenance to keep up its appearance, the other requires little to no maintenance at all. Some people enjoy the work, and some people don’t. Which are you?

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to make the switch from a real lawn to a synthetic lawn, these few comparisons may make the decision easier.

Requires No Mowing

One of the biggest warm-weather maintenance tasks that comes with a real lawn is mowing it. The sun and rain make the environment perfect for real lawns to grow at a steady rate, making it even harder to maintain a short and neat appearance.

This is one of the ways in which synthetic lawns pay for themselves over time. Synthetic lawns require no mowing, as they aren’t made of material that grows. The height of the artificial grass when installed is the height it’ll maintain throughout its life span. That means no more hours spent walking or riding back and forth each week. This can save you a lot of time normally spent mowing the lawn in the summer heat, or it can save you a lot of money by not hiring someone else to do it.

Maintains Its Look Year-Round

The appearance of synthetic lawns is a popular reason why many people choose to invest in them. A healthy green and evenly toned lawn can enhance the look and feel of your home or property significantly. Unlike real lawns, it doesn’t take much to keep your synthetic lawn looking its best year-round, because it won’t be as susceptible to the weather as a real lawn. Real lawns have to deal with yellowing grass when the heat and sun are too intense or empty spots where the grass hasn’t been sufficiently watered.

Snow is another factor that can degrade the appearance of your lawn after a while. Instead of having to wait for the right season to have a good-looking real grass lawn, synthetic lawns are made to combat all weather, while maintaining the same look as the day they’re installed. There is also no excess water due to rain, and the appearance is generally unaffected by temperature.

Has a Higher Initial Cost

There are many positive benefits to having a synthetic lawn installed, but one aspect of this process that can give people pause is the cost. Synthetic lawns are more costly to have installed than real lawns, and they must be installed by professionals like Sportech. Real lawns can be planted by homeowners and often don’t require much help from professionals. Despite its higher initial cost, however, synthetic turf is an investment that can easily pay for itself over time.

The installation cost of a synthetic lawn may not seem as high when you factor in the life span of your new investment. Synthetic lawns are known to last a long time, with many lasting around 25 years. That’s 25 years of not having to pay for pesticides, consistent watering, or lawn-mowing services while your lawn maintains its perfect appearance. For many, this cost makes more sense when considering the benefits, and it can actually be more cost-efficient than a real lawn.

Doesn’t Need Constant Watering

Depending on where you live, your real lawn can require watering multiple times a day for it to maintain its green appearance. Unfortunately, watering your lawn isn’t free, so the more water your lawn requires, the more costly maintaining it will be. This can prove even more difficult if you live somewhere that’s experiencing drought conditions, and watering your lawn isn’t a valid option. If the cost of watering is too much for your budget for an extended period of time or you live somewhere extremely hot, you may find that a synthetic lawn is the better option for your property.

Synthetic lawns require no watering to maintain their appearance. That’s because they’re made from synthetic materials, and water won’t contribute to a synthetic lawn’s growth or survival. The only time you’ll need to use water on a synthetic lawn is to clean it during times when the rain doesn’t naturally do so. Other than that, you can put the hose away and enjoy your synthetic lawn all year long.

Eliminates Pesticide and Herbicide Use

Because grass is a living thing, other living things are often drawn to it. Bugs, weeds, and other pests all benefit from your real lawn but can be bothersome to homeowners. To help combat these nuisances, many property owners turn to the use of pesticides and herbicides. Though they can correct the problems you’re having and keep bugs and weeds away, these are also a costly option that fills your yard with harmful chemicals.

If you or your loved ones enjoy your lawn regularly, it makes sense to try to avoid as many chemicals as possible. Thankfully, with a synthetic lawn, you don’t have to use any harmful chemicals to keep bugs and weeds at bay. Because the synthetic lawn is made of artificial materials, bugs and weeds won’t benefit from sticking around. Though insects might stop by to investigate the lawn, they’ll quickly relocate when they realize synthetic lawns aren’t a source of nutrients for them.