5 Benefits of Residential Synthetic Grass

Not everyone enjoys the hours of work that go into having the perfect lawn. Some people would rather just head home to a nice green surface surrounding their home each day. Luckily, it’s possible to have a great lawn without putting in all those hard hours of work. If you thrive on having a well-manicured lawn, you may benefit from making the switch to synthetic grass.

Residential synthetic grass is a great way to keep your lawn looking perfect at all times, without having to deal with the hassles of chores like watering and lawn mowing. Companies like Sportech can install your synthetic grass so you can join the thousands of others who reap the many benefits that residential synthetic grass has to offer. Here are a few of those benefits.

1. No Need for Pesticides or Fertilizers

The health of your lawn can benefit greatly from having residential synthetic grass installed. Eliminating the need for toxins like pesticides is one way your lawn’s health will improve. Pesticides are full of harmful chemicals but are often needed to keep bugs away from lawns. Luckily, the material that synthetic grass is made from doesn’t attract bugs and doesn’t provide an area that they can survive in for long. This makes it unlikely for many pests to choose to stay on your lawn.

Fertilizers are another typical lawn purchase that you can forgo when you make the switch to residential synthetic grass. Fertilizers are often used to maintain the lush appearance and health of your lawn, but your synthetic grass will maintain that appearance on its own. You’ll no longer need to make expensive fertilizer purchases each year, which comes as a relief to many lawn owners.

2. Saves Water

One of the most consistent and costly parts of lawn maintenance is watering it. Many lawns require both morning and nightly watering to maintain their lively appearance. This required maintenance can be difficult to keep up with, depending on your schedule, and it becomes even more difficult when your area is experiencing drought conditions. With residential synthetic grass, you won’t have to worry about watering it.

Residential synthetic grass doesn’t need to be watered to maintain its appearance. Its synthetic nature allows it to look freshly watered at all times, without much work from the homeowner’s end. A monthly or bimonthly rinse will wash away any natural discoloration from debris falling on it, and after that, it will look as good as new again. The amount of water you save with this type of lawn can significantly decrease your monthly water bills and help you conserve water. Both the environment and your pockets will thank you.

3. Allows You More Use

If you’re someone who likes to use your yard often, synthetic grass will benefit you greatly. For instance, after a long or hard rain, it can be impossible to go out into your yard for a number of days while the ground soaks up the excess water. In the meantime, your yard is probably transformed into an unusable muddy surface filled with puddles. Just getting to your front door might make for a messy walk through your yard until the ground dries up again.

With residential synthetic grass, you won’t have to wait to be able to have full access to your yard. Mud and puddles aren’t an issue with this type of grass. Before synthetic grass is installed, professionals like Sportech level the ground to make sure it’s free from any holes or dips that can create water pooling. Drainage is installed to ensure that water doesn’t gather or sit stagnant underneath the grass, making your lawn capable of drying off much faster than a natural lawn. With less wait time after a storm, you’ll have more opportunities to use your lawn for playing, grilling, or just enjoying the day.

4. No More Mowing

Fast-growing grass could be a sign that you’re taking good care of your lawn. It also means you’ll have to mow it more often to keep it looking the way you want it to. Some people choose to hire a lawn care company to take care of this time-consuming task. Others choose to invest in a mower of their own and spend the time every week or two to mow it themselves. Whether it’s your time or money that you’re spending for this task, investing it in an alternative lawn can eliminate the need for mowing entirely.

One of the greatest benefits of having residential synthetic grass is that you won’t have to bring the lawnmower out anymore. You could even find a new home for your mower. Synthetic grass will remain at the same height that it was the day it was installed. This also means you won’t have to worry about it becoming overgrown while you’re on vacation or finding someone to mow the lawn when you don’t have the time. Putting the money you’ll save on mowing toward the convenient option of synthetic grass could be the easy alternative you’ve been looking for.

5. Always Looks Good

The appearance of synthetic grass is one of the most popular reasons why people choose to have it installed. The first thing that guests and passersby see when they approach your home is your lawn. A good, clean lawn makes a great impression, and a lawn of residential synthetic turf always looks great.

Residential synthetic turf isn’t affected by weather conditions. When it’s very hot and dry outside, you won’t have to worry about your lawn looking dead and dried out. Synthetic grass will maintain its shape and lively green color despite any significant changes to the weather, either hot or cold. You also won’t have to worry about high-traffic areas becoming void of grass altogether. With just a little bit of maintenance, even areas that see a lot of foot traffic can maintain their perfect appearance.